Our research spans the disciplinary of chemical engineering, materials science, chemistry and electrical engineering. The core research objective is innovating new materials, process and system for energy conversion and storage, and sustainable chemical production.

Currently we are primarily working on the following research areas:

1. Synthesis of atomic-scaled materials for catalysis and flexible energy storage devices

•Two-dimensional (2D) materials: 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), 2D transition metal carbides (Mxene), 2D perovskites and 2D metal oxides

•carbon nanostructures

•Single atom metals

2. Fundamental catalytic processes occurring on solid-state surfaces in both the production and consumption of energy, e.g. chemical-to-electrical and thermo/photo/electrical-to-chemical energy conversion

•Thermocatalysisof CO2 reduction, methane activation, hydrogen generation from hydrocarbons and methanol

•Electrocatalysis of CO2 reduction, N2 reduction and oxygen reaction reaction for fuel cells

•Photocatalysis of water splitting

3. Design and fabrication of micro-scale flexible energy storage devices